St John's Team Sports

  St John's Team Sports  
5th-6th grade co-ed and 7th-8th grade co-ed teams play September - October.
Cross Country Running
Students in 4th-8th grade are eligible to participate in cross country running September - October.

3rd-4th grade co-ed teams play December - February.
5th-6th grade girls and 5th and 6th grade boys play November - January.
7th-8th grade girls and 7th and 8th grade boys play December - February.

Ski Club
Students in 5th-8th grade are invited to participate in Ski Club during the months of January and February.

5th-6th grade co-ed and 7th-8th grade co-ed teams partipate in tournaments in March.
5th-6th grade girls and 7th-8th grade girls play March-April.

5th-6th grade co-ed and 7th-8th grade co-ed teams play in April and May.

Track & Field
Students in 1st-4th grade
 students participate in field day events.
Students in 5th-8th grade participate in a track meet hosted by a Lutheran High School.

If you are interested in finding more information about our sports teams or would like to participate in any of the activities listed, please contact our athletic director: Gary Volberding.
Sports Fees
St. John's Sports fees per athlete:
  • Soccer $20
  • Volleyball $20
  • Basketball $40
  • Cross Country $15
For more information please contact Gary Volberding

Athletic Handbook