Thank you for your interest in St. John's Lutheran School! We are proud to be a Christian, Lutheran school offering a quality education dedicated to developing the whole student – academically, spiritually, and physically – to the glory of God.

We look forward to meeting you!  Simply request information here, email Suzanne Haag at, and/or call us at 763-420-2426 ext 11.  


    Mission, Vision & Values
  • Mission
    The mission of St. John’s Lutheran School is to nurture young people through God’s word, sound Lutheran doctrine and worship, and a strong academic foundation. Our goal is to equip students to lead their lives as God’s baptized children in this world wherever He puts them and also be equipped to carry out Christ’s command to “make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19).  Every day our students are “Learning and Living as God’s Baptized Children”.
    The purpose of St. John’s Lutheran School is to nurture young people’s faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior using God’s Word and Luther’s Small Catechism while at the same time providing them with a strong academic foundation that prepares them for life today and for tomorrow. 
    Sound Lutheran Doctrine – As a Lutheran School our primary job is teach our students God’s truth.  We base our teachings on the LCMS doctrine, and it is carefully taught to all students so they are sure of what they believe and can defend their faith. Children are taught the demands of God’s law and are comforted by the saving Gospel of Jesus. We teach our students that: “We don’t change the message, the message changes us.” 
    Individual Attention – Our small class sizes encourage students to be participants rather than spectators. Our teachers strive to show Christ’s love and forgiveness to each child.   In August of every year, teachers visit with each student’s family (K-8th) to build a good relationship and share information about the upcoming school year. 
    High Level of Instruction – St. John’s students consistently outperform their peers on a local and national level.  Using their God-given abilities, students and teachers strive for excellence as they use effective, up-to-date learning and teaching materials.  Students are prepared to become responsible stewards of their talents in a joy-filled Christian life.

    Loving Classroom Environment – Love & Logic® principles: (1) With Christ as our leader, we will learn and live as Christ’s baptized children with the Law and Gospel as our guide. (2) Every attempt will be made to maintain the dignity and self-respect of both the student and the teacher. (3) Students will be guided and expected to solve problems without creating additional issues.  They will be given opportunities to make decisions and expected to live with the consequences.

    Friendship and Acceptance – Students and staff accept one another as fellow members of the body of Christ.  They play together, support each other, encourage each other and witness to one another.  Each person’s uniqueness is recognized and individuals are helped to achieve their full potential.  Each child knows that he or she is valued, accepted, and a respected part of the school community. 
    Why Choose St. John's School?
  • St. John's has a rich history. St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church & School was founded on April 18, 1864. Today we remain as committed as ever to teaching the true Word of God, Lutheran doctrine, and providing the highest quality academics to students in Pre-Kindergarten through 8th Grade.  
    • Our class sizes are small (average 17 students) allowing for individual attention.
    • Our students consistently score above-average (both statewide and nationally) on national standardized tests.
    • Our staff is synodially-trained, dedicated, and spiritually motivated.  Watch a short video about why our teachers love teaching at St. John's:
    • Our school is accredited nationally by National Lutheran School Accreditation (NLSA), showing our dedication to excellence and continued improvement.
    • We apply Christian values in all subject areas.
    • Daily religion classes to learn teachings of the Bible for all grades, and confirmation instruction in Lutheran Doctrine for Grades 7-8.
    • Daily Devotions to pray, praise, and give thanks
    • Morning & afternoon prayers
    • Weekly chapel service to worship as one body
    • Technology 1:1 and integrated into curriculum
    • Cooperative learning activities to encourage positive social relations
    • Phonetics in early childhood grades
    • Accelerated Reader (AR) program and school library promote reading
    • Use of math manipulatives to make concepts real
    • Field trip experiences used to expand learning opportunities
    • Music and band programs giving a wide range of opportunities
    • Year-round sports programs where participation is encouraged
    • National School Lunch Program to provide nutritious meals
    • Extended School Program available and affordable
    Pre-Kindergarten Program
  • St. John's Pre-Kindergarten is a fantastic place to start your child's education.  Learn all about our Pre-K program on their blog.
  • Pre-Kindergarten:
    St. John's Pre-Kindergarten is for children who are at least 3 years old before September 1 and children who are 5 years old and are not entering Kindergarten.
    Children entering Kindergarten must be five years old on or before September 1st.  Early enrollment for Kindergarten is strongly discouraged. It has been our experience that while a few children are ready academically, they are not socially nor emotionally ready for the Kindergarten program at an earlier age.  Only rare exceptions would be considered upon a case review by a qualified psychologist, the Board of Education, and faculty.  Those children entering 1st Grade must be six years old on or before September 1st. 

    All New Students Pre-K through 8th Grade:
    A copy of the child's birth certificate and immunization records are required. 

    New students will be accepted only at the beginning of a school year, at the start of a new term, or when a family moves into the area.  After the school year has begun, enrollment of any new students, other than congregation members, must be approved by the Board of Education.  If application for enrollment is made within two weeks before school begins, students may be enrolled on a six week trial basis to enable the faculty to adequately evaluate the students ability to be successful at St. John's Lutheran School.  Parents who are members of St. John's Lutheran Church have the right to enroll their child at any time of the school year.

    Tuition & Other Costs
  •  2018/19 Tuition Rates 

    2019/20 Tuition Rates


    Other Costs:

    • Registration fee as noted on tuition rate document above.

    • St. John's Lutheran School t-shirt or sweatshirt to wear for field trips and special events.

    • Bible (ESV version) to use in 2nd-8th grade and Luther's Small Catechism (1991 ESV Version) in 6th-8th grade.

    • St. John's sports fees per athlete:

      • Soccer $20

      • Volleyball $20

      • Basketball $40

      • Cross Country $15

      • Learn more about St. John's athletics program here.  For more information please contact Gary Volberding, Athletic Director.

    Tuition Refund/Credit Policy:
    Due to the limits placed on class sizes and school fixed costs, voluntary or non-hardship withdrawals of students from St. John's at any time after the beginning of the school year are not eligible for tuition refunds or credits.  Any and all tuition paid prior to the student's withdrawal is non-refundable.  However, tuition refunds or credits may be granted in special or extenuating circumstances only, such as medical issues, family moves, and extreme special needs situations, with the express approval of the St. John's Board of Education.

    Parents of students who are withdrawn from St. John's after the school year begins must make a formal request for tuition refund or credit before consideration of the request can occur, clearly stating the reasons why a tuition refund should be granted.  The request should be made to the school Principal or to the Board of Education.  The Board of Education will, at its next regularly scheduled Board meeting, consider and act on the refund or credit request on a case-by-case basis.


    Nondiscriminatory Policy
  • St. John's Lutheran School admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, athletic and other school administered programs.
  • Take a tour to see our facility, meet our teachers, and interact with our students.  To schedule a tour, please contact Suzanne Haag at or call 763-420-2426 ext 11.

    Shadow Day
  • Prospective students have the option to come shadow for a half-day or full-day.  Students will be paired with a classmate to attend classes, eat lunch, and check out St. John’s student life.  To schedule a shadow day, please contact Suzanne Haag at or call 763-420-2426 ext 11.
    Complete Interest Application
  • Complete a simple Interest Application to help determine if St. John's is the right fit for your family. Complete online, then Suzanne Haag will contact you about next steps.  Questions? Contact or 763-764-2426 ext 11.

  • St. John's reserves the right to place a child in an appropriate grade after administering tests and conducting interviews with a child and his/her parents. 

    St. John's Lutheran School is not fully equipped to handle students with moderate to severe special needs.  Records, testing, consultations, and interviews will determine eligibility for enrollment.  Complete testing is done through the personnel of the Osseo School District, and their recommendations will be followed.  If a student qualifies for an individualized educational plan, the public school will implement the service required under this legal document.  A child may be enrolled at St. John's and still qualify for special services through the Osseo School District.  Students who qualify for special services can spend part of the school day at St. John's and then be transferred to an Osseo school for special services.  St. John's Lutheran School also has available a resource teacher to provide support and services to both students and teachers during the school day.  A child not qualifying for services through the public school can receive support through St. John's resource service.
    Complete Enrollment Form
  • 2018/19 NEW Enrollment Form

    2019/20 Re-Enrollment for Existing Families

    2019/20 NEW Enrollment Form
    2019/20 enrollment is now open for all families.  Simply contact Suzanne Haag at or call 763-420-2426 ext 11.

    All newly-enrolled children (except those in Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten) must make available a transfer and transcript from the school previously attended.

    Each student enrolled at St. John's Lutheran School must have up-to-date emergency contact, immunization records, and health records on file by the first day of school.
    Pay Registration Fee
  • Submit a non-refundable registration fee. 
    • Pre-Kindergarten $229 plus first month's tuition (fee increases to $249 after May 1st)
    • K-8th $229 (fee increases to $249 after May 1st)

    You may pay online or with a check made payable to St. John's Lutheran School.
    Financial Support
  •   Click here to apply at Click here to apply at

    St. John's Lutheran School is owned, operated, and maintained by St. John's Lutheran Church.  The operation of the school depends mainly upon contributions of members of the congregation for its support. Per pupil cost per year is in excess of $6,000; therefore, sacrificial giving -- as the Lord has blessed a family -- is the guideline followed by our school families.  While it is the policy of St. John's Lutheran School that no member shall be denied enrollment at our school, tuition is charged at our school and the Board of Education expects everyone to meet their tuition obligation.  If one's financial situation is such that these guidelines cannot be met on a timely basis, members should contact a Board of Education member and/or Suzanne Haag for a financial arrangement that will be agreeable.

    Tuition payments from all families and fundraising efforts supplement this support.  To keep pace with the per pupil cost, tuition fees are recommended by the Board of Education to the St. John's Lutheran Church Congregation Voter's Assembly for approval each year.

    A per pupil registration fee is charged to provide for curricular and non-curricular activities, programs, field trips, and supplies which enrich the educational program.

    The registration fee is due at the time of enrollment or re-enrollment and is non-refundable.  Tuition payments are to be made either in full by September 1st or through the designated school tuition payment plan.

  • Two Elementary Education Scholarship Funds have been established at St. John's to provide tuition assistance to eligible families of children attending St. John's Lutheran School.  Financial aid is awarded based on family need, the number of requests, and availability of funds. Scholarships are awarded on a yearly basis; therefore, applicants must re-apply each year to be eligible for the coming school year. All scholarships require maintenance of passing grades, satisfactory behavior, and current tuition payment. The Scholarship Committee, with the approval of the Board of Education, will administer all aspects of this Scholarship Fund including the approval and disbursement of all scholarships.

    Elementary Scholarship Fund

    • Established through the generous gift of a member family

    • Eligibility Criteria: Eligible families must be members of St. John's Lutheran Church or another Lutheran Church Missouri Synod congregation, have at least one child enrolled at St. John's Lutheran School for the coming school year in grades K-8, and must demonstrate a financial need. 

    The Nathanael Schilling Scholarship Fund

    • Created in memory of Nathan Schilling who was a first grader at St. John's at the time of his death in 2009.

    • Eligibility Criteria:  Eligible families must be members of St. John's Lutheran Church, have at least two children enrolled at St. John's Lutheran School for the coming school year in grades K-8, and must demonstrate a financial need. 

    Current Scholarship Application

    Scholarship applications are accepted throughout the year. Applications must be submitted using the current Scholarship Application Form. All applications must be signed by at least one parent or legal guardian and submitted along with the standard registration fees for the coming school year. Applications will be considered and reviewed by the Scholarship Committee. All scholarship awards must be formally approved by the Board of Education.

    Scholarship awards will be based solely upon the merits of individual applications versus the eligibility criteria specified above, available dollars in the fund, and the overall number of scholarship applications submitted.