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Lego Robotics Water Conservation Challenge

What should you do?
Use Legos to make a device that will tell you when to stop filling up the bathtub. Your creation must measure 2-4 inches of bathwater depth. It does not matter what kind of Legos you use. They can be regular size Legos or Duplo-sized, as long as they are the Lego brand. Take a picture or shoot video of your creation with a small description. After you have created your Lego device, please submit your creations by posting to social media with the hashtag #whateverfloatsyourlego
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Why should you do it?
  • This prevents us from wasting fresh water in the bath or shower.
  • The more water you use, the more water that needs to be cleaned, transported, and then recycled.  Not using too much water saves energy and resources.  
  • This is an easy way for kids to be involved in conservation.
  • We will recognize our favorite entries on our website and on the St. John’s Lutheran School Facebook page!
  • Kids love to build with Legos!
Why are we doing this?
  • Our team name is Eagle Tech.   We are a team competing in the First Lego League competition.
  • The theme this year is Hydro Dynamics.  As a part of the competition, we are looking at a problem. The problem is to look at ways to improve the ways people find, transport, use, or dispose of water.
  • Our team is looking at the ways people use water in bathtubs/showers.
  • We are trying to figure out how to tell people that they need to conserve water when taking baths.  Our solution is to ask people to create a small LEGO toy to make it fun to measure the water level in the bathtub so it is not overfilled.  We would like this video to be spread through social media so that more people can see it.  

Find out more: www.firstlegoleague.org/

Some Top Entries:

1. A smart shower that turns off after 5 minutes. Can go in the tub to let you know when you have enough water.

2. A smart dishwasher that sends graywater to the toilet.  Can go in the tub to let you know when you have enough water.

3. Turn off the water before the Lego guys get wet!

4. A creation by a cutie to conserve!

5. This video shows when the fish floats, it's time for your bath.

6. These sisters use some of the Lego animals from last year's FLL challenge, Animal Allies. When the animals are underwater, you have enough water in your tub!

7. This creator said he color coded his creation.   It sits at the bottom of the tub and when water hits the yellow Legos you know you are getting close to having enough water.  When it hits grey, even closer, red is STOP... black is you have too much water!

8. This creation sits with the black stand on the bottom of the tub. When the water is high enough that the platform floats, you can turn off the water.  

9. When SpongeBob takes a bath, you can take a bath!

Keep submitting your entries!  Use the hashtag #whateverfloatsyourlego

Our Research & Findings:
  • Our team determined we wanted to focus on how we use water and looked at how water is wasted in home use.  
  • Our research showed that installing low flow shower heads and getting high efficiency toilets were ways to conserve water but they were things adults could do, not kids.  
  • By experimenting at home, we determined that a normal bath is about 15 gallons of water and optimal amount of bathwater in a tub is 2-3 inches while kids are usually using 6-7 inches.  We determined that by building a Lego device that shows kids when to turn off the water at 2-3 inches, they take conservation into their own hands!
  • An interview with John Seifert, City of Rogers Public Works Director, helped us realize that by using less water in the house, we are saving that water from needing to be transported, cleaned, stored and distributed.  
  • We calculate that if each kid 10 and under followed our suggestion, it would save 1,000 gallons of water per kid per year.  In Rogers, MN, that would be about 1.6 million gallons of water per year.  When we returned to tell Mr. Seifert about our findings he congratulated us on our hard work!