Hot Lunch

Current Hot Lunch Menu

Student Lunch  $1.95
Second Milk $ .35
Second Entree (when available) $ .30
Extra Fruit/Vegetable $ .05
Non-Student Lunch $3.55
St. John’s Lutheran Hot Lunch Program provides a nutritious and well-balanced lunch for students every day. Meals are prepared on-site on a daily basis. 

Student lunches need to be purchased at the beginning of every month.  Any lunches or milks not used during that month will automatically roll-over to the next month.  Hot lunch menus are sent home at the start of each month with every school family.  Family lunch account information is sent home in the first Tuesday envelope after the end of the previous month.

Non-students who wish to eat a hot lunch need to contact the school by 8:30 a.m. of the day that a lunch is desired.

Questions?  Contact Mrs. Lynn Schutte at

Cold Lunch
  • When a child brings a cold lunch, parents should make sure that the lunch is nutritious.  Do not bring soda for lunch.
  • Refrigeration for cold lunches is not available. Keep refrigerated items such as low-fat yogurt, cheese and lean deli meats fresh by including a frozen ice pack.
  • Students are not allowed to use the microwave during the school day.
  • Milk may be purchased with cold lunch.  Each milk is 35 cents.

St. John's Lutheran School Wellness Policy